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James O Donovan

Hi, congratulations

By visiting this site you have already taken your first step towards saving €1000s and changing your spending habits forever. When we (a family of 3) changed our spending habits back in 2009 we couldn’t believe how much money we had been wasting up to then.

We should have done this year’s earlier, but it’s never too late to start. Now, in 2014, this has saved us over €30,000 in total!

The best thing about my methodology is that you don’t need to make any cutbacks to spend less money, it’s about making Changes not Sacrifices. You can Reduce your Cost of Living but Keep you Standard of Living. Read how to do it in my first book “How To Save 5000

Now my second book “Drive a Bargain” is just out in February 2014 to help you save €1000s when changing your car, it summarises everything I've learned through changing cars 7 times over 4 years as research for the book.

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Just over a year into How To Save 5000 it’s now time to reflect a little on the past year, and to focus time and effort in certain areas – particularly on the long term benefits to making Saving Money a habit. From now on, Blogs and Tweets will be less... See Full Post

Reduce Your Cost Of Living, Not Your Standard Of Living

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Having Choice Will Cost You Money

It’s amazing what you are capable of doing when you have no choice, you are often forced to be more creative and make quicker decisions when you have less choice in a given situation. In many cases, having no choice will save you a lot of money. These are just... See Full Post

Car Service
Jun 13

Cut Car Servicing Costs

Following on from an interview on the The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM, with Mairead Farrell, discussing how to cut the costs of servicing your car – this blog summarises the main tips. More and More people are putting off car servicing due to financial constraints, but you... See Full Post

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James O'Donovan

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Save Money
James O'Donovan

Pressure Is For Tyres

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